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Supermarket giants A.S. Watson Group, CR Vanguard and Moretide Investments, which operates Kai Bo Food Supermarket, all fail in their seafood procurement policies. But with more than 400 outlets in Hong Kong’s supermarket industry, they have the potential to take the lead in bringing sustainable seafood to the city’s consumers.

Our choice of seafood has a direct impact on the sustainability of our oceans. Since the 1950s, global demand for seafood has surged by 88 percent. Annual per capita consumption of seafood in Hong Kong is 65.5 kilograms and the city is the second-highest seafood consumer in Asia. If you value the sustainability of our oceans, sign our petition to ask local supermarkets to do more.

We deserve to be able to trust that seafood we purchase is from sustainable sources. Hong Kong is sorely lagging behind in sustainable seafood. As a result, our marine resources are being depleted, our health is being put at risk, and we are potentially overpaying.

It’s time to tell A.S. Watson, CR Vanguard and Moretide Investments to act on these issues. Help us by joining our email campaign!