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The Amazon fires have spread to Bolivia, where they have reached new protected areas in the Amazon and other eco-regions. For example, the Itenez regional protected area and adjacent indigenous lands, where WWF has been supporting conservation action for many years, is now under threat. Fires have reached savannas in the park and park guards and communities are fighting to keep it out of forested areas.

The Amazon plays an important role in regulating South America’s climate, even influencing the rainfall regime of the region. Forest loss also reduces the capacity of ecosystems to absorb carbon dioxide. The fires’ immediate impact on biodiversity is the death of thousands of animals and plants that inhabit these forests, including emblematic species of great ecological importance such as the jaguar. Burning also causes a loss of habitat that threatens the survival of the species.

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Now is the time to re-double efforts to restore what has been lost in a time of climate emergency. Please support us!

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