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Hong Kong was once a common nesting ground for the endangered green turtle. Several decades ago, green turtles nested at a number of locations around the city, but over the years they have been confined to a single nesting site at Sham Wan on Lamma Island. More than this, the most recent sighting of a nesting green turtle at Sham Wan was in 2012. 

Incidental capture, pollution, marine debris and the light and noise disturbance at nesting beaches are to blame for this worrying trend. The total eradication of green turtle nesting grounds in Hong Kong would have irrevocable consequences for the green turtle population in south China.  

To ensure the conservation of green turtles, a well-planned and managed network of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) is needed, including protection of its nesting beach and foraging ground, enhanced enforcement and long term monitoring.  

In November 2016, WWF-Hong Kong published a Marine Ecological Hotspot Map that reveals only five of the 31 identified ecological hotspots (around 2 per cent of our marine areas) are protected and actively managed. We are asking the government to increase the coverage of MPAs in Hong Kong to 10 per cent by 2020 (the global MPA target set by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity) and 30 per cent by 2030. 



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