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In some areas of Antarctica, Adélie penguins population has fallen by more than 65% over the past 25 years, mainly because of the threats created by climate change. If we don’t take immediate action to combat climate change, these adorable penguins will only remain as an image printed on Christmas cards in future. WWF works with governments, industries and individuals to help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. We encourage these parties to switch to renewable energy to minimise climate change and the warming that threatens Adélie penguins, their food sources and their habitat. 


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- Improve the management of Antarctica’s resources and safeguard its wildlife
- Establish a network of marine protected areas covering at least 10% of the 20 million km² Southern Ocean
- Reduce illegal and unsustainable fishing practices
- Raise awareness of the threats of climate change – threats that all of us are facing 

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