Wedding Donation Package

Thank you for choosing a shark-free banquet to celebrate your special day. Make your wedding even more meaningful and give sharks an additional helping hand with your donation!

Sharks and rays are in crisis. Sharks are often deliberately caught or accidentally snared as bycatch. That’s why saying no to shark fin is a smart choice. You can further help by supporting conservation work to improve fishery management in shark-sourcing countries.

Funds from WWF’s Wedding Donation Package will be used to support WWF-Indonesia’s Electronic Shield System (ESS), which uses electromagnetic wave source to scare off sharks to reduce shark bycatch. Funds will be used to refine the ESS design, with a goal of setting up 4 ESS units in two critical shark habitat sites in Indonesia’s Teluk Bintuni.

A certificate of appreciation (pdf version, with the wedding date and the name of wedding couples), a pair of plush animals (15cm) and a one-year family WWF membership will be awarded to the newly married couple for their generous donation of HK$2,000 or above and for choosing to serve a shark-free wedding banquet.

A pair of plush animals (15cm)

A certificate of appreciation (pdf version, with the wedding date and the name of wedding couple)

Terms & Conditions

Wedding Donation Package (Must include choosing a shark-free wedding banquet)

  • A certificate of appreciation will be an E-version in PDF format, which will be sent out within 7 working days after receiving the donation.
  • The height of the animal plush is about 15cm.
  • If your chosen animal plush is out of stock, we will contact you to select another option.
  • Animal plush will be sent out by post by WWF-Hong Kong. Please indicate your address clearly. WWF-Hong Kong is not responsible for any loss or damage
  • A one-year family WWF membership is included with your donation; for benefit details, please refer to:
  • Once the membership expires, donor can choose to end or renew it.
  • WWF-Hong Kong is an approved charity that is exempted from tax, the tax-deductible receipt can be sent to your address if needed.
  • If you have any enquiries, please email to
  • WWF-Hong Kong reserves the right of final decision on the package.

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